SONY DSCA broken, missing or severely decayed tooth can make you hesitant to show off your smile. At East Ridge Dental, we offer same day dental crowns in Sioux Falls, SD. This technology saves you time and ensures you the quality of a well-fitting crown in just one visit.

The team at East Ridge Dental offers state-of-the-art technology right here in Sioux Falls! Dr. Reckling, Dr. Seaborn, and their team can design and mill your crown in a single day, right in the office.

After Dr. Reckling or Dr. Seaborn has prepared the tooth for the placement of the crown, his assistant will design and mill your crown. The process takes only an hour or two to produce a durable, ceramic crown with a natural look and feel.

There are many advantages to offering our patients fast, convenient dental crowns in Sioux Falls, SD. Most importantly, same day crown services save you time away from work, school, or family obligations.

If you’re ready to setup an appointment, give us a call! If you still have questions or concerns about your need for a crown, we are here to answer some questions you may have about how dental crowns in Sioux Falls, SD.

Dental Crowns In Sioux Falls, SD

What's A Crown?

A crown is a prosthetic covering placed over the remaining tooth surface to replace a damaged or decayed tooth. It’s made of extremely durable ceramic, stained to match the exact shade of your existing teeth and is cemented onto existing teeth or implants. This cover can improve the appearance, shape and alignment of the tooth.

Materials for dental crowns in Sioux Falls, SD typically include porcelain, gold, E-Max or Zirconia.

Typical crowns are made by taking an impression of the tooth to be crowned, then sending the impression to a dental lab to create the crown, which could take a few days. However, at East Ridge Dental, we have some new technology which allows us to make crowns in the office!

How Do Dental Crowns In Sioux Falls, SD Work?

Rather than taking an impression, which can be uncomfortable for some patients, we use a 4-D scanner to make a computerized image of your teeth. This process is much faster and more comfortable for you.

We also have the ability to mill the crown in our own office, which is the real time-saver. Our dental assistants are highly-trained in using this system, and we offer a 5-year guarantee on the crown.

Our dental crowns in Sioux Falls, SD save you time away from your work or family so you can get back to life!

East Ridge Dental, Your Experts For Dental Crowns In Sioux Falls, SD

When you feel good about your smile it shows, and East Ridge Dental offers an array of services to help you look and feel your best!

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