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About Us

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The dental health of you and your family is something that should never be taken for granted. Regular cleanings and checkups are the best way for every member of your family to retain a healthy and beautiful smile. When damage or decay does occur, having the issue treated by an experienced and passionate dental team will restore your smile and even prevent other health problems that may arise as a result. Whether your child chips their tooth on the playground or you have a cavity, a family dentist is there for you. A dentist that treats you like family, and works hard to provide compassion, comfort and care that is cost-effective ensures an experience to remember. East Ridge Dental is honored to provide dental care to you and your family in Sioux Falls, SD. We understand the importance of trust in your dental care provider and wanted to share a bit about who we are and what we do to build firm relationships with your family.

Cosmetic, Restorative, and Orthodontic Dentistry

Our practice specializes in the areas of preventative, cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic dentistry services. For every member of your family, our team has the experience and skills to serve you with an experience that will exceed your expectations. Our office is designed to provide comfort in a modern setting with complete dental services. Our staff is friendly and caring and is genuinely concerned with your comfort and satisfaction.

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Our Story

Our Core Values

We create a fun, positive, and professional environment. We are passionate, enthusiastic, and are determined to make a difference. We Embrace continued Learning and advancement. We are committed to following the “golden Rule”. We treat others the way we would want to be treated. We are accountable. We forgive mistakes, and move forward with integrity. Honesty, Respect, Trustworthiness, humility, and integrity define Each one of us. We Balance Life and work and are fully present in both. We strive to make every co-worker and patient feel valued, comfortable, and important. We create opportunities to make our patients feel special. We give back to our community.

We embrace an “Attitude of Gratitude”

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